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Meet The Founders


Shomari White

Affectionately known as "Pastor Sho", Pastor Shomari L. White Sr. is the Founder & Senior Pastor of Have Life Church in Charlotte, NC. Pastor White received a B.S. of Health Sciences from Howard University and Masters of Christian Human Service 

Counseling from Regent University. After working as a teacher and peer mediator, Pastor White received a word from the Lord, and relocated his family to Fort Worth, TX. There he continued his post Masters of Divinity studies at Texas Christian University and was led to the city of Charlotte, NC, where the vision of Have Life Church manifested. Pastor Sho's delivery is unmistakenly radical, yet communicates from practical & relatable stance.

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Jacque' White

Known for her "loving hugs", it takes just one encounter to know Co-Pastor Jacque' is the real deal. Jacque' L. White is Co-Founder and Executive Pastor of Have Life Church. She gained her B.S. in Health Sciences at Howard University and Masters of Teaching from Regent University. Shortly thereafter, she received her Masters in Educational Leadership & School Administration from Trinity University. Formerly, she has worked as an educator and Assistant Principal. Co-Pastor Jacque' is a dynamic teacher and embodies the love of

Have Life Church.

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